Smoked Bacon Wrapped Venison Bites

By: Heath Wood

One of the main steps to achieving better tasting venison is to be creative when cooking. I only cooked venison for several years by soaking it in milk, rolling in flour, and deep-frying in vegetable oil. Don’t get me wrong; I still love deep-fried venison. However, to gain the full flavor potential of venison, one must expand their taste buds by trying different recipes and methods of cooking.

Below is an easy recipe for smoked bacon-wrapped venison Bites to get you started on the right track. The smoked venison bites are full of mouth-watering flavor and are great to serve as an appetizer or to use as a complete meal itself.

What You Will Need (Ingredients):

How To Prepare:

Step 1: Slice venison into small steaks, approximately ½ to ¾” thick

Step 2: Slice red onion into 1” x 1” square chunks

Step 3: Lay slices of bacon on a clean flat surface or plastic tray. Place a piece of venison at the bottom of bacon, followed by a slice of onion. Add a second piece of venison, followed by a piece of red onion, with bacon still lying flat, season with Traeger Rub. Wrap bacon in a wheel motion until bacon is surrounding the outer side of the deer. To hold venison and onion into place, stick a single toothpick through the center until the toothpick is through the entire wheel. Last, season outside of bacon again with Traeger Rub.

Repeat the process for as many bites as desired.

To Cook:

For this cook, I used my Traeger Grills Pro 780, using Traeger Hickory flavored pellets. Preheat grill to 350 degrees. Once the desired temperature has been reached, place all bacon-wrapped venison bites directly onto the open grates of the smoker.

Smoke venison bites for about an hour and a half, or until the outside of bacon is fully cooked. For best results, cook until the internal temperature of venison has reached a minimum of 140 degrees for a medium-well center. For well done, smoke until 160 degrees.

Serve Hot!

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