Sweet & Savory Barbecue Elk Sausage Bites

Heath Wood 

Want to please a crowd while sharing your love for wild game? Try this recipe from GameKeeper cook Heath Wood, in which savory meets sweet heat – This is sure to be a Super Bowl party pleaser!

GameKeeper Meats – Smoked Elk with Bacon and Cheddar Sausage
Traeger Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce
Brown Sugar

*Slice sausage links into 2 inch chunks
*Wrap each chunk with half of a slice of bacon
*Insert toothpick through the side to hold the bacon in place while cooking
*Sprinkle your favorite seasoning or rub on each piece

*Using Apple Flavored Pellets – Preheat Traeger Grill to 325 degrees
*Place bacon wrapped sausage chunks directly onto grill grates
*Cook 30 minutes or until bacon appears crispy
*Prepare a bowl filled with Traeger Sweet Heat BBQ sauce and proceed to dip each piece of sauce into the bowl completely covering it before placing the piece back onto the grill
*Continue to cook approx 3 minutes
*Sprinkle with brown sugar
*Cook an additional 10 minutes or until sauce and sugar caramelize

Serve as finger finger or as an appetizer.

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